Brütopia Beer Lover’s Spotlight Lisa Walling

Brütopia Beer Lover’s Spotlight Lisa Walling

Lisa_WallingName:  Lisa, FedEx Lisa

Hometown: Philly

How old were you when you drank your first beer? Prolly 5, I took a swig of my Grandpa’s can. Which I cannot for the life of recall the name of, just can see the label in my head.

What was the first beer you ever drank? Ok really drank, not a swig here or there: Miller High Life, Old English 800, Schlitz Malt Liquor. Not sure exactly but one of those. I was a teen and we used to get guys to buy 40’s for us and drink out of brown bags 

What is your favorite style of beer? Hmmm, a few years ago I definitely would have said an IPA, which I still love, but as of late I have been big on porters and stouts. Oh crap and sours, we can’t forget sours!

 What is your favorite beer, period? WOW so many choices,I’ll pick UFO Raspberry. 

What is your favorite brewery? I have a few. Let’s say Double Barley, Abita, Foothills, Southern Tier, Weyerbacher.

You’re mowing your grass, what are you drinking? I am kind of partial to a strawberry lager- maybe by Abita or Carolina Brewery. If not, a Coors Light will certainly do just fine.

Are you a home brewer or have any desire to home brew? Currently I am not. However, it is a hobby I would like to pursue.  I need the time and space. 

Do you ever go to beer festivals? I love some beer festivals. Go when I can, if I hit the lottery it would be brewery tours, beer fests, and disc golf! LOL 

How far would you be willing to drive for your favorite beer?  That’s a toughie, potentially a few hours’ drive.           

What is your favorite drinking game?  I would have to say Waterfall, it is so hilarious. The more people, the funnier it gets. Beer Pong is a close second.

Who’s the one person you’d love to sit down with and tip back a beer with? I really don’t know, most assuredly an artist, Maybe Gustav Klimt, M. C. Escher or Salvador Dali.

What do you like about BrÜtopia?  It has a nice welcoming family feel to it. I love that yet another small business supporting craft beer and home brewing has opened in New Bern.

“Beer Lover’s Spotlight”
By Marisol Schultz