Brutopia Brewing Co

Brutopia Brewing Co

Brutopia Brewing Co is officially open for business.

28340141_10156306351903982_915088421_oAfter much time and planning our brewery is now open and producing beer. Starting out as a tap room gave us time to reflect and actually plan out exactly what we wanted to do in regards to our brewery and what we would be producing.

So now we have a 1 barrel system in place and typically we are brewing a new beer a few times a week. At any given time we will have at least 4 of our beers on tap as well as other special craft beers.

We thoroughly enjoy hand crafting unique brews, having local musicians, and hosting events at Brutopia.

Our concept is simple…We are beer guys. We know what is good and we will only carry and produce the best the industry has to offer. If we won’t drink it, we don’t sell it!

Brutopia Brewing Co AT YOUR EVENT

Would you like to add something special to your next event? Of course, who wouldn’t? Simply contact us, you can arrange to have Brutopia Brewing Co at your next occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, a company-sponsored event or something else, you can enhance everyone’s experience by including Brutopia Brewing Co on your menu.

For more information or to customize a beer plan for your event and determine the types and quantities of Brutopia Brewing Co beer you’ll need, contact us HERE.