Brütopia Beer Lover’s Spotlight Calli Donohue

Brütopia Beer Lover’s Spotlight Calli Donohue

calliName:  Calli Donohue

Hometown: Kelso, Washington (Washington STATE!!!)

How old were you when you drank your first beer? Sadly, I was 9!

What was the first beer you ever drank? It was my dad’s Schlitz

What is your favorite style of beer? Stout or a really nice Irish Red

What is your favorite brewery? At the moment? Schöfferhofer for hefe and Double Barley

You’re mowing your grass, what are you drinking? Mowing my grass? Hmmmmmm… ok. That depends on how close to the heat of hell it is. Natty Light if it’s really bad or whatever I have in the fridge at the time. Most likely some kind of wheat beer.

Are you a home brewer or have any desire to home brew? I keep talking about home brewing. Eventually I really want to try it. I think it would be such a fun experience.

Do you ever go to beer festivals? (laughs) Yes, yes I do. Love a good beer festival!!

How far would you be willing to drive for your favorite beer?   I’ve travelled at least 6 hours for beers. I would travel farther.

What is your favorite drinking game?  DICE!!!! It PAYS to NOT lose!!!!

Who’s the one person you’d love to sit down with and tip back a beer with? Shit, I don’t even know.   I already sit and tip back beers with such awesome people.

What do you like about BrÜtopia?   BrÜ always makes me feel so welcome and the staff is GREAT!!!! I love the beer selections and the home brew section is phenomenal. It makes me excited to start home brewing!!!! The staff will help me pick ingredients as well as custom build a recipe with me when I’m ready!!

“Beer Lover’s Spotlight”
By Marisol Schultz