Brütopia Beer Lover’s Spotlight Allison Arens

Brütopia Beer Lover’s Spotlight Allison Arens

Allison_ArensName:  Allison Arens

Hometown: Jacksonville, NC (but really Haws Run, but no one knows that community)

How old were you when you drank your first beer? 19 – what a rebel!

What was the first beer you ever drank? A fellow college student made me hold my nose and sip a Michelob Ultra – I thought it was nasty then, too.

What is your favorite style of beer? Any style – as long as it’s done right. I gravitate towards a citrusy IPA usually

What is your favorite beer, period? This is a silly question…My “always in the fridge beer” is Delicious IPA from Stone Brewing

What is your favorite brewery? Stone Brewing; obviously. I love the culture, the people and most importantly, the strong belief that quality brews and food are always the answer. I love that our CEO is dedicated to “sticking it to the man” and refuses to sell out.

You’re mowing your grass, what are you drinking? 1. I don’t mow grass, I’m allergic to grass. If you know me, you get that humor. When I’m busy doing yardwork or working outside, I’ll grab a Modern Times – Fortunate Islands. It’s a hoppy citrusy wheat beer. They’re in the can and super convenient. Here’s the home brew recipe!

Are you a home brewer or have any desire to home brew? I don’t homebrew, but I love brewing on the Small Batch system at work when I can. I’d like to start home brewing when I get settled down.

Do you ever go to beer festivals? Yes. I love festivals, but I’m usually working instead of drinking. There’s a big one coming up!

How far would you be willing to drive for your favorite beer?  Well, I just flew 3,000 miles for a Red Oak Bavarian Lager and a Green Man IPA, does that count?

What is your favorite drinking game?  The kind where someone else has a hangover. I don’t play drinking games.

Who’s the one person you’d love to sit down with and tip back a beer with? Patsy Cline

What do you like about Brutopia?   That I have a mug on the wall! I finally got to drink from my mug and experience place this past Saturday. I’ll be home as often as I can to enjoy a beer there. The atmosphere is great, quality beers on tap and on the wall, and I love the outdoor area. It’s the perfect craft beer place, without the pretentiousness. I love it.

“Beer Lover’s Spotlight”
By Marisol Schultz