Looking for a keg for your next big event?

We sell craft and macro kegs in the following sizes:



Capacity Pours (12oz) Pints (16oz)


5.16 Gallons 56 42


7.75 Gallons 82 62


15.5 Gallons 165 124

*Quarter barrels are only available from select breweries. Sixth barrels and half barrels are the standard for most breweries.

If you would like to order a specific keg, we will need at least 7 days notice. This will ensure that we will receive your keg by the following week. In some cases we can get what you want the same week if you contact us on Monday no later than 3pm. We are willing to sell our “back-up” kegs that we have available for our own taps as long as we have additional kegs available.

Please call 252-631-5142 M-F, Noon-5pm. Let us know a couple of different styles that you are interested in purchasing (just in case your first choice is not available), and we will promptly call you back with prices and dates for your keg.

Keg deposits: Keg deposits are $50 and are charged at the time of purchase for your keg. When you return the empty keg to us, we will refund the $50 back to you.

Party Bundle Deposits: If you need a party tap and keg container in addition to your keg, we do have a bundle deposit for those items. $125 includes the keg deposit, the party tap and container. This is charged at the time of purchase. When those three items are returned to the shop in good condition, we refund the deposit back to you.

*If the items have been abused or broken, the deposit will not be returned.